azboo0 (azboo0) wrote,

the surf messengers / lovest 2009

The album comes in a special 'image-book' packaging by Muscovite designer ZonderZond:
oversized hardcover w/ blind impression;
50 pages with photo-illustrations by Alexander Maslenitsyn;
full colour offset-printing w/ additional graphics by selective varnish.

“lovest” by “The Surf Messengers may be rewarded with praise for the most delicate
and most impressive record cover of the year (made by Zonder Zond) –
enshrining their CD with a handmade book in thick cardboard covers filled
with very emotive pictures of various kinds of people,
each by themselves, in an open field staring at the sun,
enjoying its warmth or envisioning a better future.
These pictures are black and white,
handmanipulated to look aged and worn and ripped,
and with the hand(s) of god printed
in on every one of them as on another layer of existence.
Myterious and enigmatic and at the same time like a warm hug,
full of hope and desires.
An eerie mixture that despite all its unsettling imagery –
the black and white, the distorted parts of the pictures,
the ghostly smoke evaporating here and there –
nevertheless is full of positivity and clarity.

The folks over at RAIG (Russian Association of Independent Genres)
have definitely taken their game to the next level
with the release of the latest disc entitled Lovest from U.K.
based experimental outfit The Surf Messengers.
Bound in a special edition oversized cardboard book cover,
complete with fifty pages of fantastic color photo illustrations;
Lovest is without a doubt the most ambitious visual project yet from the Russian label.
This incredibly impressive graphic presentation
alone makes this collection worth the money,
and that's before you even hear the music contained within.
In a day and age where record companies
and digital downloading are making the visual graphic element almost obsolete,
it's always a pleasure to come across a treasure like this.
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